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What We Do

We create technologies along the blockchain network

Play Classic Games and Earn

There are hundreds of missions that you will receive $ARC, direct payment in your Wallet.

Fair Difficulty Fair Reward

We calibrate our quests and rewards according to difficulty, this is great for the casual user and perfect for hardcore player.


We will weekly reward active users, who knows you won't earn good money just for opening the app!

Top Technology

We use a java system to control the rewards, so you don't need to make any changes to emulators and roms.


ArcPlay does not modify and does not distribute any type of game, it is a frotend, therefore we do not infringe any copyright.

From Gamer To Gamers

We want to remember the good moments of arcades and consoles, this is a tribute to games that changed a generation, we hope you Love arcPlay and Win big Arc!